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Messenger™ Bass Specifications
Scale length: 40 1/2" or 41 1/2", Weight: 18 lbs.

Length: 53.5" or 54.5"

Materials --

Neck: Rock maple

Fingerboard: Choice undyed black ebony.

Body: All models have semi-hollow alder body core with fully hollow carved spuce top.

Finish: Honey--Amber Sunburst or Cherry Sunburst, Black, (Natural wood, & custom colors extra).

Electronics --

  • Messenger active electronics feature separate dedicated pizz and arco transducer pickups with dual EMG pre-amps (w/ mono 1/4" output jack). Volume, tone, and active pan pot provide an infinite mix of pizz (pan left), and arco (pan right) sounds. Low impedance (2K ohm) output is compatible with all amplifiers,, and can plug directly into recording consoles, or P.A. mixing boards with or without the use of a direct box. Nine volt battery lasts over 1 year of normal playing.
  • Custom DLX model integrates the Barbera multi-transducer pizz/arco bridge component into the arco (pan right) position, expanding the tonal range even further.
  • BTS model (Barbera Transducer Systems) features the Barbera multi-transducer bridge passively, with a passive volume control.

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