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Messenger Basses

Rob Wasserman, Ray Manzarek (the Doors), Michael McClure (Poet) - 40th Anniversary Summer of Love 9-2-07.

Messenger Basses

The Oak Ridge Boys

Messenger Basses

Messenger Bass can be played using endpin peg or mounted on Freestand.

Esperanza BET Awards, 2010

Chris Wyse

Chris Wyse

David Miller of Asleep at the Wheel

Lion peghead carving

Lion peghead carving

Ray Fields

Ray Fields, Blue Bell PA

Custom Gargoyle headstock

Jan Am Trio

Jan Amerman Trio

Johnny Walker from Ohio

Earletta Blankenship

Earletta Blankenship

Jim Shipp

“They all laughed when I stood up to play my Messenger...but not for long!”

Jim Shipp, Florida

Cornett Chop Suey Jazz Band

Cornet Chop Suey Jazz Band
St. Louis

Ronnie James Weber of Little Charlie and the Nightcats

Ruins of La Recollection

Concert at Ruins of
"La Recollection" Guatamala

Manuel Rodreguez

Manuel Rodriguez y Sabor

Blonde peg head


Joe Bommarito, Maui

Bob Stout, Jan Ammerman Trio

...So be good for heaven's sake!

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