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The Messenger™ Upright Electric Bass:

“The DLX boasts usable sounds all along the pickup-blend spectrum, from an audacious Ron Carter growl to a mellow but well-defined Ray Brown boom. ... The DLX's look and feel are irresistible, and its overall performance is rewarding. . . . With a price in the low-mid pack among electric uprights, the Messenger is a good choice for acoustic whompers looking for travel ease or electricians delving into the upright world.”

Read the April 1998 Bass Player product profile at:, under the heading “gear”.
Richard Johnston, Bass Player magazine, April '98

“If I didn't already have an acoustic upright, the Messenger would probably be my choice, due to its craftsmanship and appearance. ... The electronics do a good job of amplifying the instrument, providing a nice, punchy, notably superior pizz sound.”
Bob McCaskey, Bass Player magazine, April '98

EUB “shootout” review 12/96

“Every bass player should get one of these.”
David Miller, Asleep at the Wheel

“ I did my first gigs with the Messenger this weekend. I subbed for a tuba player in an 8-piece dixieland band at two events -- a private party in Capitola and a Coast Guard event at Moss Landing. The instrument was pefect. It was widely admired by the other band members and some of the people in the audience. And the tone and feel are spectacular. I have been working to convert to the Messenger and have pretty much abandoned the acoustic upright. I'll keep the latter for old time's sake, but much prefer the look, feel and most importantly, sound of your instrument. 'm a very contented user. Congratulations again for such being such a fine craftsman and musician!”
Bill Sharpe
STANCO 25 Professor of Finance, Emeritus Stanford University
Stanford, California 94305-5015

“ My bass got here yesterday and I unpacked it this morning. It really blows me away that it can sound that close to my acoustic. It far surpasses my expectations! Thank you for a fantastic product..”
Ken Anoe - Seatle Pro

“ I’ve been playing my messenger all over latin America. We were in Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Costa RIca, Uruguay, Argentina... And the other guys as well. They're all top pros here and really work a lot. A "Messenger" bass has become part of the lingo in Venezuela now. Travel problems restricted bass players to playing bass guitar when traveling until we started importing messengers here. Now everyone seems to either play one or want one! Again, many, many .”
Gonzalo Teppa - Venezuela

“ The bass arrived safely last week. It looks and sounds amazing. I've 3 gigs this week and I'll be using the Messanger for all of them so that I can get used to it. I really love the way you can blend the two pick-ups. The Barbera sounds really authentic - just like a Double Bass and the other pick-up gives a nice punchy more electric sound, perfect for some of the loud funk gigs that I do. I'll never need to play my electric bass guitar again!! Thanks for all your work. I'll definately recommend you to any bass players in Ireland that want to get an electric upright. Thanks!”
Tom Prior - Ireland

“This upright kicks my #%*# Ass! ”
Lee O’Fender - Texas

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