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 Incomplete Discography

  • Oakridge Boys - Jimmy Fulbright bassist - touring
  • Huey Lewis and the News- Mario Cippolina bassist- Four Chords and Several Years Ago
  • Asleep At The Wheel- David Miller bassist- Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Ray Price, Dixie Chicks, Etc.
  • Rob Wasserman- Rat Dog Bob Weir- Lou Reed- Ricky Lee Jones, etc.
  • Chris Wyse bassist- Owl the Band, Ozzy Ozbourne, Mic Jagger solo album, Cult, Tal Bachman
  • Katznjammers- Pieper Heizig-
  • Little Charlie and the Nightcats- touring
  • Quiyerema - Jeremy Allen

 Discography Knutson Luthiery

  • Montreaux Band - Mike Marshall - live and recording - Mike Marshall 5 string synth mandolin
  • David Lindley - Song of Sachajawea (movie soundtrack) Songbird mandolin

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John Knutson / Knutson Luthiery
P.O. Box 945
Forestville, CA 95436 U.S.A.
(707) 887-2709