Messenger Bass LogoThe Messenger™ upright electric bass is the result of many years of research and experience with acoustic transducer amplification and bass construction. I am pleased to make this contribution to bass technology, and have aspired to make the transition between acoustic and electric bass as natural and rewarding as possible. This instrument represents a harmony of practicality, aesthetic beauty, natural sound and feel, and affordability.

The Messenger utilizes semi-acoustic solid body construction for durability, sustain, and evenness of response that can be heard and felt at any volume level without feedback. The semi-hollow alder body core, a one inch thick completely hollow carved spruce top, and an adjustable wooden bridge help develop the woody and rich tone and sustain characteristics, for the most natural sound possible.

The dual sensor "state of the art" active-circuitry pickup system provides separate and blended sound reproduction for pizzicato and arco modes of playing, thus articulating the full range of plucking and bowing techniques. On upright basses the pizz and arco modes of bridge vibration are essentially out of phase with each other, and one pickup cannot fully capture both the vertical (plucked), and horizontal (bowed) sounds produced by the strings. By incorporating active circuitry, separate dedicated pizz and arco transducer systems, and an active pan pot, I have been able to utilize this inherent phase cancellation to create a wide variety of different sounds and produce a system that is truly more than the sum of it's parts.

The Messenger is designed to fit into the overhead compartment of most commercial jet aircraft. In addition to the portability, much attention has been devoted to faithfully reproducing all of the tactile reference points of an acoustic bass, for ease of playing and natural feel. The instrument can quickly be adjusted to any height, and the six inch deep upper body extension bracket simulates the back rim of an upright bass.

With the "Freestand" tripod the instrument is completely self-supported, and can be adjusted to any playing position. It incorporates a heavy duty (8lb.) tripod which allows the bass to be raised or lowered to any height. A universal ball-joint-plate (mounted to the back of the instrument), also allows for simultaneous lengthwise and sideways tilt of the instrument for perfect ergonomic adjustment and ease of playing whether for standing or seated playing. A knob allows quick release for endpin-peg mode of playing. The "Freestand" can be easily and quickly retrofitted later as an aftermarket option.

Through a unique direct sales marketing plan you can purchase the Messenger bass at wholesale price. Coming from 20 years of experience as a custom acoustic, electric, and archtop guitar, mandolin and bass luthier, I am used to working directly with customers and commissioned custom instrument sales. I have extended this personal direct-marketing policy into the Messenger upright electric bass, thus eliminating the middleman and offering my instrument for about 50% less than if it were retailed through stores. I also offer $200.00 commissions to Messenger players for referral sales. This makes the Messenger even more affordable retroactively and expands my sales base at the same time. This means that you can recover some or all of your investment in the long or short run, or even generate further income beyond that, depending on how visible or motivated you are as a player.

This limited edition numbered and signed instrument is hand built by myself to your specifications. I am so confident that the Messenger upright electric bass is the best instrument available on the market today in any price range, that I offer a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE within seven days of delivery (minus shipping costs). To date no one has taken me up on that offer. Consistently players confirm that the Messenger is an awesome instrument in it's own right. It sounds and feels as good as it looks. Please don't hesitate to call or write if you need more information.

John Knutson

Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

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